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The Pioneers Memorial Healthcare District Compliance Office is a resource available to all members of the PMHD community to provide assistance with understanding and complying with the numerous regulatory requirements that exist in today’s health care environment.

PMHD is committed to doing business in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations. PMHD policies and procedures support this commitment. When these laws, regulations or policies are unclear, every PMHD community member is expected to take steps to obtain clarity and is also expected to report violations or concerns about violations that come to his/her attention.

There are multiple ways to reach out for information, clarification or assistance as noted below:

  • Check with your direct supervisor or manager. They will know best which PMHD policies and procedures most directly relate to your job and can help you understand what they mean and what is required of you.
  • Contact the director or manager of your department (the person above your supervisor), or you can contact anyone in senior management if you aren’t comfortable talking to your supervisor, need further clarification or you don’t feel your concern has been properly addressed.
  • Contact any member of PMHD Compliance Committee: Damon Sorensen, Interim CEO, Carly Loper, CFO, Carol Bojorquez, Interim CNO, Aracely Smith, Compliance Officer, or Sally Nguyen, Legal Counsel.
  • Contact the PMHD Compliance Office directly by calling (760) 351-3599 or emailing us at for assistance. If you believe that a violation of law or regulation has occurred, you should contact either the PMHD Compliance Office or the PMHD Ethics Hotline as described below.
  • Report a compliance concern anonymously through the PMHD Ethics Hotline by calling (855) 599-3602 or reporting online at link

Any issues or concerns raised will be promptly investigated and appropriate actions taken to address verified problems. It is important that you feel comfortable and protected when you raise issues related to compliance. PMHD Policy CMP-00172 clearly states that anyone who reports, in good faith, a concern or violation will be protected from retaliation in any form. Concerns about retaliation should be brought to the Compliance Office or Human Resources.


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